Trainings and Workshops

As per the institute’s research capacity building goal, our institute (ISER-N) is, in collaboration with the Institute for Social Research (ISR) at University of Michigan and other collaborating universities, regularly offering various short courses on Survey Methods. ISR is the world’s largest university based research institute devoted to the study of the social sciences. Working together over one and half decades now, ISER-N and ISR has developed advanced research and teaching expertise and infrastructures including a sophisticated long distance learning center. The courses offered at ISER-N are designed to provide theoretical understanding as well as practical applications of the state-of-the-art survey research methods and analytical techniques. They build upon a combination of both long-term in-house expertise in Nepal and expertise of its collaborating institutions. This strategy has been highly successful in utilizing culturally appropriate setting specific expertise as well as cutting-edge research methods and analytical techniques that have been continuously developed and rigorously used in advanced countries. In order to maintain excellence and keep up to date its research capacity, ISER-N adopts a collaborative capacity building strategy with academic institutions around the world.

List of Courses

Currently offered

1) Introduction to Survey Data Analysis (SDA) Techniques

2) Introduction to Survey Research Techniques

3) Research Methods

4) Research Instrument Design/Questionnaire Design

5) General Interviewing Techniques and Issues in Data Collection Management

6) Combining Qualitative and Quantitative Methods: Introduction and Overview

Offered upon request

1) Event History Analysis

2) Structural Equation Modeling

3) Sampling

4) Multi-level modeling

5) Geographic Information System (GIS)