A meeting with project advisory committee of Bharatpur Metropolitan City was conducted on 18 May, 2018 to introduce about institute and project ” Improving learning: Developing Measures of Accountability and Evaluating their Association with Students Gains in Achievement in Nepal” details. The participants included Deputy Mayor, Chief Administrator Officer, Under Secretary, Division of Education and Officers of Bharatpur metropolitan city.

Dr. Dirgha Jibi Ghimire, Executive Director presented about the institute in the first part. Next, Dr. Ghimire also showed the history and status of the schools in the Western Chitwan and how the number and types of schools had been changing since 2011 B.S. based on the longitudinal “Chitwan Valley Family Study” data collected by the institute. Finally, Dr. Ghimire presented about the project plan and proposed activities. The meeting was concluded with the queries and feedback from the members and finally, with the closing remarks from the Deputy Mayor.