Completed Projects
Last updated on 12 Aug, 2018

66. Female Labor Force Participation and Children’s Outcomes: An Investigation of Mother’s participation in Paid Labor Force on Children’s Health: 2016-2018

The study aims to investigate the relationship between Female Labor Force Participation and Children’s Outcomes based on the household economy to the children's education, health and well-being in Chitwan Valley. 


65. Coupled Nature Human (CNH): Feedbacks between Human Community Dynamics and Socio-ecological Vulnerability in a Biodiversity Hotspot: 2013-2018

The study aims to examine the bidirectional relationships between exotic plant invasion and a suite of socio-ecological variables, including biophysical, household, and community characteristics, land use history, and non-family social organizations and institutions, across 21 heterogeneous community forests in the buffer zone of Chitwan National Park of Nepal.


64. Investigation of relationship between Household Air Pollution exposure and Cardiopulmonary Disease Indicators in Nepali Women (Cardio-Pulmonary Study): 2016-2017

The study aims to identify household factors that increase the risk of people getting heart and lung diseases. The study setting of the project is Kaski and surrounding districts of Nepal. 


63. Labor Outmigration, Agricultural Productivity and Food Security 2015-2017

The Labor Outmigration, Agricultural Productivity and Food Security project is awarded to the University of Michigan, USA and Institute for Social and Environmental Research-Nepal, Nepal. The work is based on work supported by the Economic and Social Research Council under Award No. ES/L012065/1, DFID-ESRC Growth Research Programme.View More


62. Understanding the Connections Among Genes, Environment, Family Processes And Mental Health 2015-2016


61. Innovation in the Measurement of Community Contextual Features 2013-2016

60. Impact Evaluation of Gender Equality, Social Inclusion, and Community Engagement Interventions for Health Facility Operations and Management Committees (HFOMCs) in Nepal 2014-2016


59. Investigation of Indoor Solid Fuel and Kerosene Use as Tuberculosis Risk Factors 2012-2016


58. Armed Conflict, Family Change, and Mental Health 2009, 2016


57. Selective Migration and Macro Demographic Consequences of Armed Conflict and Climate-Related Disasters 2013-2015


56. Lifestyle and perceptions study 2014

55. Intrahousehold Decision-Making, Gender, and Migration in Nepal 2014

54. Uncertainty, life chances, and migration in Nepal 2014

53. Firewood, Fodder Collection and Mikania Intervention discrete choice Questions 2014

52. Chitwan Community Forest Composition and Land Cover/Use of the Chitwan Valley 2015

51. Income, Household Diversification & Migration During Contextual Changes 2014-2015


50. Incentivizing Health Volunteers to Reach out to Disadvantage Group 2015

49. Call Detail Record: Use of Mobile Phone 2015

48. Partnership in International Research and Education (PIRE) Collaborative Research and Training in Social Context, Population Processes, and Environmental Change 2007-2014

47. Nutrition Study 2014 (Levels and Social Determinants of Nutritional Outcomes 2016)

46. Building the foundations for conservation action: assessing human-tiger conflict research and management needs in the Terai, Nepal 2014

45. Remittance from an Absent Husband: the Effect of International Labor Migration to the Persian Gulf on Family Dynamics and Consumption in Chitwan Nepal 2014


44. Ideational Influences on Marriage and Child-Bearing 2008-2013


43. Modular Design Approach to Survey Data Collection 2013


42. Migration: Remittance from an Absent Husband

41. Diversification and Migration Survey 2013

40. Remittance Use Survey 2013

39. Innovative Methods for Obtaining Survey Data from Migrants 2010-2013


38. Reciprocal Relationships between Population and the Environment 1995-2012

37. Agricultural Technology and Market Participation 2012

36. Marital Relationship Dynamics 2012

35. Documenting Distribution and Trends of Developmental Idealism in Nepali Textbooks 2012

34. Measurement of Remittance Use in a Remittance Dependent Economy 2012

33. Changing Social Context and Family Formation, Phase 3 2007-2012

32. Reciprocal Relationships between Population and the Environment: Phase 3 2009-2012

31. Migrants to the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries: Values, Behaviors, and Plans 2009-2011


30. Mapping Wildlife Habitat Change in Chitwan Valley 2011

29. Biomass Survey in Barandabhar Forest 2010

28. Climate change 2011

27. Effect of Conflict on Civilian Life in Chitwan 2009

26. Marriage Process in Nepal

25. Access to and Influence of Community Development. Program in Nepal 2009

24. Dowry Marriage Timing 2009

23. Marital Quality in Chitwan Valley 2010

22. Environmental Perceptions in the Chitwan Valley 2010

21. Divorce, remarriage and higher parity 2010

20. Impact of Mikania micrantha on (Native plant Species of Chitwan National Park) Natural Forest 2011

19. Tiger-Human Interaction Study 2010

18. Ecosystem Services and Population Change 2010

17. Marital Processes, Husband-Wife Relationships and Fertility Limitation 2009-2011

16. HIV/AIDS and Later Life Health and Wellbeing 2009

15. Fuel wood Consumption Survey 2009

14. Menstruation and Education 2006-2008

13. Religious Life in Chitwan 2007

12. Elderly Health and Wellbeing 1998, 2006

11. Marital Dynamics 2004-2005

10. Arsenic content in Groundwater 2004

09. Developmental Idealism and Family Dynamics Study 2003

08. Exploratory Fieldwork on Religious Influences in Nepal 2002

07. Reciprocal Relationships between Population and the Environment Phase2 2001-2007

06. Households Dynamics and Environmental Consumption 2000

05. Changing Social Context and Family Formation, Phase2 1999-2005

04. Elderly Health and Wellbeing 1998-1999

03. Religion and Family Size Preferences 1998-1999

02. Reciprocal Relationships between Population and the Environment Phase1 1995-2001

01. Changing Social Context and Family Formation, Phase 1994-1999