Ongoing Projects
Last updated on 10 Aug, 2018

Understanding the Connections among Genes, Environment, Family Processes and Mental Health: 2016-2019 

The study, also known as Chitwan Valley Health and Stress Study (CVHSS) aims to understand the connections of the stress developed in the individuals with their genetic composition and the social and natural environment in Western Chitwan Valley of Nepal.


Family Migration Context and Early Life Outcomes (FAMELO): 2015-2019

The study assesses the role of migration on children and adolescents in communities of origin with the aim to understand how family migration experiences are associated with outcomes for children and adolescents and the distinctive features of these environments that may lead to differential pathways.  FAMELO is a comparative international study administered in Mexico, Mozambique and Nepal.


Investigation of Ocular Disease and Household Fuel Use in Kaski: 2016-2018

The project aims to investigate the association between indoor fuel use histories, particularly of biomass and kerosene, and three eye diseases Cataract, Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) and Dry eye disease in Kaski and surrounding districts of Nepal. 


Chitwan Valley Family Study (CVFS): 1995-ongoing

CVFS is a comprehensive multi-level mixed methods panel study of individuals, families, and communities in the Chitwan Valley of Nepal. The study aims to investigate the influence of social contexts on population processes and the relationships between the environment and population processes.