Interaction Program With Respondents
Last updated on 16 Jan, 2018

ISER-N organizes interaction programs with respondents to share research findings and receive feedback from them. A group of respondents (averaging 30 respondents) representing different ethnic groups, genders and geographic locations are invited and debriefed about ISER-N’s on-going programs. Respondents actively participate in the discussion and usually express their concerns about the use of information they have been providing, especially in the policy formulation. The concerns of the respondents are taken in high priority and their suggestions are used for improvements and implementation.


List of Respondent Interaction Program:-


The Eighth Respondent Interaction Program
December 1, 2016 

42 respondents (18 Female and 24 Male)


The Seventh Respondent Interaction Program
January 2, 2016

28 respondents (10 Female and 18 Male)


The Sixth Respondent Interaction Program
September 15, 2012 


The Fifth Respondent Interaction Program
December 17, 2011

31 respondents (11 Female and 20 Male)


The Fourth Respondent Interaction Program

May 21, 2011

34 respondents (15 Female and 19 Male)


The Third Respondent Interaction Program
June 12, 2010

20 respondents (6 Female and 14 Male)