New Projects
Last updated on 12 Aug, 2018

Cross-National Comparative Study of Religion in Nepal

This project will create baseline measures of religious attitudes, practice and salience from a nationally representative sample of adultsfor a cross-national comparative investigation of religion andexamine associations between individual’s religious attitudes, practices and salience and their expectations and aspirations about education, career, old age care and wellbeing across religious groups and gender, to better understand the extent and nature of differences in religious attitudes, practice, salience, life expectations, and aspirations.



Improving Learning: Developing Measures of Accountability and Evaluating their Association with Students' Gains in Achievement in Nepal

This project will develop and validate measures of accountability to be shared with the Nepal Ministry of Education (MOE) and use those measures in an analysis of the determinants of accountability and its association with students’ gains in achievement. The study setting of this project is ChitwanValley.



Family Migration Context and Early Life Outcomes: Migrant Interview Augmentation

The study adds a new migrant survey component to the Family Migration Context and Early Life Outcomes Study (FAMELO) which examines the impact of migration by family members on children age 5-17 in Western Chitwan Valley of Nepal.